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Airport Series: SFO and Building a Better Delay

  5 m

There’s no doubt that San Francisco International Airport is the gateway to the world’s tech capital. So it’s no surprise the airport likely employs text analytics to guide billion dollar terminal renovations and daily improvements alike. In this installment of the airport series, we see how SFO effectively listens to its customers.

Airport Series: McCarran and Las Vegas

  6 m

When an airport company reviews social data they need to be able to find the signal in the noise. Airports and the cities they serve are often confusingly interchanged on social media. In this article, we use filters and a custom configuration to see exactly what people are saying about McCarran International Airport.

Airport Series: Charlotte and Customer Complaints

  4 m

Charlotte blends Southern charm into the hustle and bustle of a major international airport. However, this balance doesn’t always go as planned. As the ninth busiest airport in the country, Charlotte Douglas International Airport can profit from listening to the voice of its customers.

Airport Series: Atlanta and Wayfinding

  6 m

Not only is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport the busiest airport on earth, its “plane train” is the busiest rail system in America. This volume means Atlanta International needs to run with near flawless perfection. In this analysis, we learn exactlty how they can make strides toward that goal.

Analyzing Airport Reviews on Facebook Using AI

  4 m

We’re using cutting-edge text analytics and sentiment analysis for analyzing airport reviews. By combining qualitative and quantitative data, we’ll tell you which American airports are the lowest- (and highest-) ranked, and why travelers feel the way they do.

Wireless in Airports

  1 m

OK so I’m setting off on my epic! adventure to travel to the USA for Lexcon ‘06 and as I type this I’m sitting in the business lounge of Glasgow Airport (first time business class […]

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