Getting Business Value From Artificial Intelligence

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As evidenced by our erstwhile blog here, much of the conversation surrounding AI involves silly debates about whether or not this technology will rise up and destroy all humans like in the movies. While it’s always fun to probe the AI fears held by folks like Elon Musk, here at Lexalytics we tend to focus more on harnessing the amazing power of these tools to solve business problems.

This is why I periodically slide out from under the hood of our tools, like a well-meaning father fixing up a hot rod with his kids in the garage over the weekend; we ought to share our progress with the world-at-large. Most recently, I wrote a guest-column for Forbes detailing how we can use AI to solve business problems. That’s the downside of constantly worrying about how to fight the eventual rise of SkyNet. Sometimes you end up missing the crucial ways AI can help solve problems, like reducing churn.

In the column, you can read about how our partner VOZIQ implemented our AI solutions to help them make the most of the data they collect. A short and (hopefully) informative read, head on over to the Forbes site to check out the post.

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