Bottlenose Proves Game of Thrones Fans Love to Be Frustrated

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imageHow do you keep Game of Thrones fans interested in the upcoming season? According to this Bottlenose blog post (link removed), by deliberately withholding what they really want.

The first Game of Thrones episode of the season aired this last Sunday evening, but hype surrounding the new season has been building for quite a while. One of the ways HBO kept people talking was through a controversial month long marketing campaign called #TheSight.

Signing up for #TheSight granted users accesss to ten second teaser clips delivered via Twitter DM or text message. The delivered material was deliberately obtuse, and vanished after a single play. The Bottlenose blog describes it as “equivalent to watching five seconds of a feature film through a keyhole, which then closed up and disappeared along with the door.”

Knowing they were taking a risk, they kept a close eye on the impact #TheSight was having using Bottlenose. In particular, they used Bottlenose’s sentiment analysis capabilities, powered by Lexalytics, to monitor the emotions expressed by fans on social media.

Bottlenose found that while many fans did express anger and frustration, social discussion surrounding #TheSight revolved mainly around an intent to watch Game of Thrines. Their risk paid off, with 1.3 million signups for #TheSight and over 17,000 tweets generated on the subject in only a month.

The ability to analyze sentiment was crucial to determining whether the campaign resonated emotionally with followers. It’s not surprising that GoT fans thrived on frustration and anticipation – we’re gluttons for punishment that way.

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