How AI and Bottlenose are Changing Data Analytics Forever

  1 m, 48 s

data analyst blogWe’re reaching a place where the growth of data is outpacing the number of people able to work with it. Nova Spivack, CEO of Bottlenose, discussed this during his Smart Data Week webinar with Bottlenose co-founder Dominiek ter Heide. And this gap is going to continue to grow exponentially. At the end of the day, there will never be enough data analysts and scientists to manage this growth in unstructured data. So we need an automated tool that can deal with the volume, velocity and variety of this data influx. The solution Nova and Dominiek came up with is simple—“We’re going to automate the analyst and mass-produce data science.”

To do this Bottlenose provides a data-agnostic unified solution for generating intelligence from any kind of streaming data. They’ve been perfecting this platform since 2010 and they use it to consume a huge quantity of social and traditional media, TV and radio broadcasts, enterprise data, commercial, financial and public data and machine and sensor data.

First the data in motion comes into the system. Bottlenose then maps it in once, giving them a way to understand it. Now that they have a way to understand the data, they enrich it with augmentations. After this they use our Salience engine to preform data mining and analytics, recognizing 30 different entity types with a 150 metrics per entity. From here the data is put through a trend detection layer, where Bottlenose applies a range of algorithms and heuristics for discovering trends and anomalies and other kinds of patterns. Finally, the data processes through the Rules and Agents layer, where Bottlenose is able to create business rules or other kinds of intelligent agents that watch for certain kinds of situations. All of this allows for rapid and agile analytics that can be utilized at the moment of decision on the industrial scale. It’s a solution that’ll help propel the Big Data to new potential.

And this is only the beginning of it. I recommend you check out the webinar next time you have an hour to kill and learn more about what Bottlenose is doing to change the face of data science.


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