Blogs aren’t coming, they’re here

  1 m, 32 s

Those of us that work day in a day out in Social Media are already sold on the growing importance of blogs in the world around us, but I noticed two events in the everyday world yesterday that made me realize that blogs and social media really have made the jump from tech to part of our everyday world. On the news last night I saw President Bush refer to bloggers in a speech, and later in primetime television (well … more or less primetime) I saw Smallville use a full 30 second ad spot to pitch the idea of becoming the most ardent Smallville blogger. The importance of both of these seemingly unimportant references really hit home. I think it fair to say that our president is not a strong technologist, and yet he has grasped the importance and more importantly the power of the blogosphere as an information medium. It’s unlikely that Bush would have made reference to bloggers a year ago, they would likely have been rolled up into the nebulous term “internet” or “online”. As telling as Bush’s reference was, I think spending an Ad slot on blogging is even more telling. As a company that makes its living helping people track and understand what’s being said in the blogosphere, it’s impressive to see that television has not only realized the value of blogs to measure the opinion of their audience, they’ve gone the next step and engaged the blog audience to try and affect the impression of their brand (Smallville) in the blogosphere. The intersection of Television, Blogs and Advertising is coming our way, and its happening faster than I expected it to. Bush’s quote on Google News:

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