A Better Analytics Platform for Hospitality

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In the shifting digital landscape, hospitality management faces new challenges. This article features the story of Revinate, one of our partners, to demonstrate how business intelligence tools are using natural language processing (NLP) to deliver better analytics and insights for hospitality providers. Revinate uses our cloud-based NLP API, Semantria, to help their own clients in hospitality make better decisions to improve experiences and increase customer lifecycle value.

A shifting, digital landscape of customer feedback

The new personal, digital media landscape is a strange one. Before the Internet, people had very few ways to talk about their experiences with companies, products and services. Word-of-mouth used to be the primary channel for this (and still is, to some extent).

But today, everything has changed and the new digital media landscape is a strange one. People talk about their experiences all the time, many times a day, with complete strangers. And they’re talking about you: on social media, review sites, in the comments of news articles and blog posts.

You may think that unless someone is a celebrity or has a large social following, not many people will see what they have to say. In fact, the opposite is true. Social comments go viral all the time. And unless you’re looking for those comments, you may easily get caught unawares.

Don’t you want to know what to know what they’re saying? Even more, wouldn’t you want to use this unsolicited feedback to help update and improve your own guest experience?

A better analytics platform for hospitality management

One of our partners, Revinate, does just that for the hospitality industry. Revinate provides a data analytics platform for hospitality management, helping their customers to reinvent their guest experiences. Revinate does this by employing our technology to help their customers quickly transform through mountains of natural-language comments, reviews, tweets, and survey responses into useful data and insights.

When Revinate decided to partner with Lexalytics for their text analytics and sentiment analysis, they faced a dilemma: they wanted to transition as quickly as possible, but needed to ensure minimal disruption in their services. Luckily, working closely with Lexalytics, Revinate was not only able to transition to Semantria, but did so without any significant hiccups.

Revinate works closely with Lexalytics

Some words and phrases can be tricky to analyze. That’s why Revinate worked with our experts to properly tune and configure their solution. Together, we ensured that slang, jargon, and other industry-specific terms will all return the correct sentiment scores. In fact, Revinate and Lexalytics have configured Semantria to cover more than 2,700 categories, 200 hotel topics, and 100 restaurant topics, in nearly 10 languages.

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Doing this by hand might seem difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have a business to run. But we worked closely with Revinate to ensure that the process was as seamless as possible. Between our pre-configured hospitality industry pack, our skilled professional services team, and Revinate’s expertise, we made the transition quickly and seamlessly.

Source: Revinate

Now, Revinate’s customers can hear how guests describe their experiences, in their own words. For example, by leveraging Lexalytics’ technology through the Revinate platform, hospitality management professionals can get insights into:

  • What people are saying about individual locations
  • Trending discussion topics
  • Responses to recent service improvements

What’s more, Lexalytics’ multi-layered approach to sentiment analysis means that Revinate’s customers can see exactly how people feel and why they feel that way.

A better hospitality analytics platform

This is the power of the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform. Our natural language processing APIs (available on-premise or in the cloud) empower you to add powerful, reliable analysis of natural-language text documents into your own analytics platform. For Revinate, this means they can deliver deeper, more accurate insights and recommendations to their own partners in hospitality management. Those clients, in turn, can make better-informed decisions to improve their guest experiences.

Whether you service tens of thousands of clients like Revinate, or are simply trying to grow your small business, our text analytics and natural language processing technologies give you the power to build market-beating products and services.

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To learn more, read the full Revinate case study, and then explore the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform.

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