The Avengers: Most Popular Superhero? (Part 2)

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It’s that time of year again! Happy Avengers Season, everyone! Exactly three years ago I wrote up an awesome analysis of Marvel’s The Avengers. Well, I did it again. And, this time, there’s been a bit of a shake up:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.27.10 PM


Mark Ruffalo’s badass portrayal of the Hulk won him top marks in my last Avengers analysis. But Bruce Banner was unquestionably usurped by Iron Man this time. Maybe it was the Hulkbuster suit or RDJ’s devilish smile. Either way, several tweets mentioned him as the all around favorite part of the movie. Not bad, especially considering his lackluster support in the last film.


But Ironman wasn’t the only champion of the Twittersphere:

  • Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson clearly won for best comedian after she appeared on an SNL sketch about her character.
  • Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner shot an arrow through the heart of fans with his general kickassery, taking the lead for most positive super power mentions.
  • The Hulk: It appears as though Bruce Banner’s emotional evolution is what caught moviegoers this time around. It looks like Banner and the Hulk are coming to terms with their internal conflict. Maybe its time for the duo to settle down and pen some self-help books.

Here are the top themes overall for the film:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.31.23 PM

Ironman was, not surprisingly, the top theme. Las year we also measured hashtags as well as themes. Most of them were pretty uninteresting iterations of the title (#TheAvengers, #Avengers, #TheAvengersMovie, etc.) but this time the themes showed a wider breadth of conversation. Even spoofs like Avengers: Age of Technical Difficulties made a splash here.


But overall the question is “Who are the coolest Avengers?” And, with Twitter as our witness, we have answers:

  1. Tony Stark (duh)
  2. Captain America
  3. Thor
  4. Black Widow
  5. The Hulk

And the most despised?

  1. Nick Fury
  2. Strucker (I mean, he is a Nazi.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.31.10 PM

That’s it, only two. Only two negatively mentioned super heroes. Not even Thanos ranked amongst the ranks of the hated. Maybe he’s just too much of a badass to write off. That master mischief-maker, Loki (who was most remembered for standing in as The Hulk’s personal rag doll in the last movie) seems to have conflicted the audience this time around. He received the most neutral mentions.


We’re currently holding our breath for 2018 when the next installment in the saga drops. And it would appear as if everyone else is, too. The 10 second clip of Thanos in the credits blew up on Twitter as the fandom speculated about his next moves. Overall, with the fifth largest box office open in history and a pretty positive sentiment response, it’s safe to say The Avengers: Age of Ultron killed it.
And that, once again, is The Avengers according to Twitter.

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