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A Portrait of the Election in Data

The Presidential Race is getting into full swing, and Lexalytics is watching. By looking at the election through unbiased data we hope to enrich the dialogue surrounding the most important event in our democracy.

Salience and You

Text analytics is the key to gaining insights from feedback. Our solution, Salience, helps companies hear the voice of the customer.

eDigitalResearch is Changing Social Listening

Trending continues to govern the stream of news, culture and marketing we consume. To keep up, marketers need to just about read the future in order to act fast enough to leverage unexpected trends. And, with a new tool developed by eDigitalResearch and Lexalytics, you just about can.

The Race for President of the Twittersphere

Lexalytics, working at the request of The Boston Globe, measured the sentiment behind tweets from self-identified voters in New Hampshire over the past month. Using Salience, we were able to determine which candidates were being talked about the most and what people think of them.

Salience 6.1 is Better than Ever

Salience 6.1 is now better than ever. Check out this quick blog post to see a run down of some of the awesome new enhancements and bug fixes. This is one of our biggest updates recently, with seven new languages, five bug fixes, a faster startup speed and increased efficiency.

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