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Machine of Interest

AI has long been characterized as borderline malevolent in popular media. Recent trends are towards ambivalent, if not heroic machines taking center stage.

5 Industries Taking Advantage of Text Analytics

Text analytics, also known as text mining, has countless applications. Savvy businesses are taking advantage of this technology to resolve customer complaints, create better products, and even improve healthcare. Here are 5 cool and clever examples […]


My assignment was simple. Pick a city, run a Twitter search for #cityname, and see what Salience comes up with on the tweets I extract. I live in the lovely city of Montreal, so I […]

The Importance of Listening

How do your customers communicate with you? Are you aware of the things they’re saying? Seth Redmore, VP of Product here at Lexalytics, wrote a simple and effective piece for tech radar explaining the benefits […]

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