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Lexalytics Sponsoring ICTIR 2015!

Lexalytics is proud to be sponsoring ICTIR 2015! The International Conference on the Theory of Information Retreival begins this month, on September 27, in Northampton, Massachusetts. The ICTIR provides a forum for the presentation and […]

Harnessing Semantic Technology

Semantic technology has arrived. That’s what Jason Bloomburg writes in his article on Forbes, ‘Semantic Technology: Building the HAL 9000 Computer?’. While, as Bloomburg points out, we’re not building HAL quite yet, we are moving in the right direction with a “fascinating combination of innovations” in semantic technology.

Parsing Syntax Accurately: Jeff Caitlin at SAS 2015

Lexalytics is proud to have sponsored the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York earlier this month. SAS featured both speakers and workshops aimed at keeping up with sentiment analysis technology and discovering the business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes. Speakers included representatives from Verizon, Instagram, Bottlenose, as well as our very own CEO, Jeff Caitlin, who spoke on the importance of accurately parsing syntax.

Considering Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner made a big splash on Twitter, and we were more than happy to assess exactly what that meant. In a recent VentureBeat article by Barry Levine, we revealed a definitive assessment on the conversation surrounding Caitlyn Jenner. As thrilled as we were to work with VentureBeat, we still wanted the chance to get into the nitty gritty of our analysis. Here I aim to breakdown exactly what it was that we discovered, and how.

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