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Using queries to recognize entities

Entity extraction in text analytics is the basis of the entire process – identify people, places, companies and themes and use them to better understand the content. There are two types of entity recognizers that […]

Lexalytics Sentiment Spectrum

Sentiment Analysis solutions are popping up everywhere these days – or so it seems. Every day there is a blog post, or Twitter post (or 100), asking how it works or arguing a point about […]

Textual Analysis of Financial News Stories

I came across an interesting blog post in Technology Review that showcased the Arizona Financial Text system (AZFin Text). According to the author, Christopher Mims: “…it works by ingesting large quantities of financial news stories […]

The spread of “lytics”

For over 7 years we’ve been known as Lexalytics. I’ll be honest, I didn’t pick the name so I can’t take credit. However, I often get asked what it means or where it came from. […]

2010 Market Growth for Text Analytics

Jeff recently shared his thoughts on Text Analytics Market Growth with Seth Grimes for his report on B-Eye Network: Text Analytics Opportunities and Challenges for 2010 (free registration required). It’s a well written report, outlining the […]

Basic understanding of sentiment

It seems lately that there are more and more companies offering sentiment solutions to a variety of markets. Everything from health care to customer service to financial services and reputation management. But in spite of […]

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