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Coming soon: Service Pack 1

As with any software, as soon as we released Acquisition 6.4 and Salience 4.1 we started looked at all the features we’d put in, and the features that were left on the editing room floor […]

The Customer is Right

I’ve seen many postings advising companies on listening to their customers, especially as new voice of the customer outlets such as Twitter (can we really still call Twitter “new”) evolve and grow in usage and […]

Attitude about Latitude

I’m a techie at heart. And there are few things that interest a techie more than the shiny new things. This week’s shiny new thing of course is Google Latitude. The basic idea is that […]

Do you own your online reputation?

The quick answer is “No, you don’t.” But as you would expect, it’s more complicated than that. You do own your online reputation, to the degree that you are actively tracking and managing it. There […]

On the Evolution of Social Media

Every once in a while, it is interesting to take a look back at how technologies evolve from the mundane to the sublime. Technology, in and of itself, is rarely the sole component of the […]

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