Are influencers worth it

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In what’s really a follow on to my post of the other day I was checking my feeds today and noticed that Guy Kawasaki (#20 on BurrelleLuces list of top English blogs - ironic or what) was talking Blog Influencers vs. Word of Mouth. He was in turn inspired by an article in the Journal of Advertising Research (summary) which states: The findings contradict a common advertising practice of segmenting and pampering the few elite and highly connected consumers believed to have the most persuasive power by suggesting that instead, most people can influence consumer behavior through viral communication or word of mouth. His conclusion is that these ‘A List’ influencers just aren’t all they are cracked up to be and you are better off with the old Field of Dreams adage ‘Build It and they will come’ Which all neatly ties back into my assertion that spending time and effort on determining the ‘influencers’ in a field isn’t as valuable an exercise as making sure you are listen to a wide spectrum of what people are saying about you.

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