AI is Not Set and Forget

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Thanks to popular culture, many people believe that an AI is like a perpetual motion machine. Once you get it started, it runs forever on its own. While this makes for an entertaining fiction problem, it doesn’t come close to matching the reality of AI. Instead of a perpetual motion machine, instead think of AI like a hot rod. At the start, it will run fast and run well. Yet, either through overuse or neglect, the working parts inside of it can wear down and soon it doesn’t perform like it once did. If you don’t maintain your AI, it will soon end up parked on the lawn with a “For Sale, You Tow” sign on the windshield.

Maintaining your AI can be more complicated than rebuilding a transmission or, sometimes, as easy as changing the oil in a car. In a guest post for, I break down the steps you need to take in order to keep your AI in tip-top shape. By planning for problems, ensuring you respond to them quickly, and managing for changes in the industry, you can keep your AI firing on all cylinders.

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