AI’s Biggest Risk Factor is Big Data Itself

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Welcome to Weekly AI News & Insights from Lexalytics, a curated selection of articles and interest pieces brought to you by the leaders in “words-first” artificial intelligence. This week: AI’s biggest risk factor is big data itself, an exploration of more legal and compliance risks, and a walk through the history of AI and machine learning.

  AI’s biggest risk factor: Data gone wrong

As every industry rushes to adopt AI, it’s critical to take a step back and consider the consequences of bad data. Maria Koslov, writing for CIO magazine, points out that big data can make big problems. In fact, AI’s biggest risk factor is the data you use to train it. For example, Microsoft’s Tay chatbot became horrifyingly racist due to corruption by Twitter trolls. And Google’s problem of search keywords like “gorilla” and “chimp” returning images of African-Americans still isn’t fixed.

“As businesses increasingly embrace AI, the stakes will only get higher,” says Koslov. But, she adds, “With the right data management strategy, tools, and personnel, you can greatly enhance your organization’s likelihood of AI success.”

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More legal and compliance risks from AI

Big data isn’t the only risk factor that AI creates. In fact, there are countless more. For one, most AI and machine learning platforms offer little visibility into how they actually work. For companies faced with strict data privacy regulations, such as healthcare and financial services, this can be a big problem.

That said, a carefully-deployed AI can be well worth the risks. And there are many steps companies can take to reduce those risks. For example, choose an AI partner who can show you how their technology actually works. Also, consider when it’s safe to rely on an AI to make decisions, versus when you should involve a human decision-maker. In the end, AI is a tool that humans control, and for which we are responsible.

This CIO feature explores how businesses can guard themselves against the myriad legal and compliance risks that AI applications bring with them.

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Exploring the history of AI hype

We’ve talking a lot about artificial intelligence. And rightly so! But where did AI actually come from? What is the history of the “hype cycle”? And what is artificial intelligence, really?

Alok Aggarwal, writing for KDnuggets, has the answers.

Dive into the history of AI

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