Semantria Becomes Super Powered

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You may have seen today’s article in TechCrunch announcing that Semantria has been acquired by Lexalytics, Inc.

We’ve been working with Lexalytics for years, and consider them to be great friends. The acquisition is simply the logical next step of our groovy relationship.

As for our products, both companies already work on two sides of the same coin: Lexalytics focuses on high-powered, on-premise solutions offered by its dedicated Salience Engine text analysis software. Semantria offers the same level of functionality but in app and cloud API form.

Now that we’re one entity, we’ll have a stronger influence over the features that are being developed by Lexalytics. In other words, Semantria just got way better.

We already make the art of high-powered text analysis available to the masses. As our CEO Oleg Rogynskyy explained to TechCrunch, with the acquisition we’re expanding our capabilities and offerings even further – including a Google Doc plugin so that Mac users have access to our tools.

So what does being acquired by Lexalytics mean? It means that Semantria can bring out cool new features faster than ever before, while providing even better support for our valued customers and partners.

With our powers combined, we can give text analytics super powers.

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