A bit more on the merger

  1 m, 17 s
Christine posted the formal announcement yesterday, but I thought I’d contribute a post that digs into why we’re putting these companies together, and why we think it’ll help our customers and the industry in general. This merger is certainly different than most of the deals that have been announced in this space over the last year or so. Typically, one of the well known players in the space (Inxight for example) is getting picked up by a large company. In this case, its a merger of two pure play text analytics companies that have been around for a while. The attraction for Lexalytics was simple, it gives us some premier customers and more resources to increase our profile in the space. The combined entity will still be small enough to be nimble and aggressive, but will have the money we need to become one of the major players in Text Analytics. Technically, our approaches are similar, so we will see an immediate impact on our systems by integrating some of our data files into each others sytems. I expect that Lexalytics fall release of our Salience engine will be the first place our customers will begin to see the benefits of this integration in our products. Now that the initial bit of the merger has been announced, I’ll have a bit more time to blog, and plan on using this forum to keep people up to date on how things are proceeding and on some of the exciting technical changes that are in the pipeline.