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Pharma Just Got Smarter

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be able to precisely mine millions of vital documents each day. That’s why we built out a comprehensive new industry pack for just that.

Sentiment and Soccer

“They got demolished after he lobbed that sick bomb across the field” isn’t what a machine would generally recognize as positive. As such, mining sentiment from sports dialogue presents an interesting challenge. But that doesn’t stop our brilliant partners at Brandtix from doing just that.

Machine of Interest

AI has long been characterized as borderline malevolent in movies and TV shows. Until recently, that is. The trend toward ambivalent, if not heroic machines is beginning to take center stage on screen as AI itself increasingly takes center stage in our own lives.

Go Parse Yourself

With the recent buzz about chatbots, AI, and NLP one name is coming up again and again—Parsey McParseface. But the the text analytics old guard has been wary of the fad. In this, our CIO Carl Lambrecht puts Parsey on trial.

The Language of Deadpool

It turns out crass and harsh vocabulary, with no small amount of sarcasm, can confuse how we measure response. We ran an analysis, and while things worked mostly as we expected there were a few areas that were confusing…

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