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Mining for Insights

  1 m

Energy was once the preserve of speculation—now the oil and gas space is removing the guess work in favor of targeted, data driven strategy. Jacobus Vanderwilt explores how this multifarious industry can use text analytics as a game changer.

Salience 6.2 is Here

  2 m

What’s on offer for 6.2, our newest Salience update? Read this to get all the details on why Salience is better than ever before and how its still breaking boundaries in data science.

Pharma Just Got Smarter

  2 m

The pharmaceutical industry needs to be able to precisely mine millions of vital documents each day, so we built out a comprehensive new industry pack.

Machine of Interest

  3 m

AI has long been characterized as borderline malevolent in popular media. Recent trends are towards ambivalent, if not heroic machines taking center stage.

Go Parse Yourself

  5 m

With the recent buzz about chatbots, AI, and NLP, one name keeps coming up—Parsey McParseface. But the text analytics old guard is wary of the fad.

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