5 More Industries Taking Advantage of Text Analytics

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From airlines to healthcare, we’ve already given you examples of 5 industries using text analytics in cool and clever ways. But text analytics is an ever-expanding field with countless applications, and to prove it, we’ve got 5 more industries taking advantage of text analytics.


At the forefront of innovative teacher training, a Seattle Pacific University professor used text analytics to predict the future abilities of his student-teachers. By running the journals they wrote documenting their teaching experiences through text analytics, he found that students who wrote the most detailed entries were inclined to become better teachers compared to those who wrote sparser entries.

Artificial Intelligence

Remember when IBM’s Watson won Jeopardy? The whole world went crazy, as well it should. Though limited in utility, it was extremely good at what it did: answering questions. The technology that drove Watson was a combination of text analytics and natural language processing in conjunction with large-scale databases. But that was so 2011. Today, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others lead the charge in creating the AI’s of tomorrow with Cortana, Siri, and Google Now, respectively. Each of them employ text analytics in their software to bring you a truly personal intelligent personal assistant.

Law Enforcement

Trying to do their best PreCrime impression, Detroit Crime Commission (DCC) uses text analytics to monitor large volumes of Twitter for potential crime activity among gangs in the Detroit area. The DCC and Semantria created a custom gang-slang dictionary, allowing the DCC to monitor Twitter and Facebook for red flags. The DCC has noted a noticeable decrease in both discussion of local crime on social media, and a decrease in overall crime throughout the city. 


Pioneers in the field of real-time analytics, Bottlenose illuminates current trends in society by shifting focus from old and static web pages to a new and dynamic internet dominated by an unrelenting flow of information. Recording over 44 hours of live broadcast every minute and combining it with text analytics, they listen to every spoken word, analyze its content, construct a cognitive map, and reveal trending topics, all in real-time. They also uncover the link between topic mentions from live broadcast and its effects on social media and vice versa.


Project Dreamcatcher, a vital cog to his campaign clockwork, was Obama’s medium through which people of America could speak to him. With a tagline that simply stated “Share your story,” Obama encouraged people who visited his Pennsylvania website to do just that. After amassing a collection of thousands of stories, his campaign team ran these stories through text analytics software and discovered what Americans hoped and feared. Armed with this knowledge, his campaign team developed a platform that empathized with the citizens.

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