Class EntityAttribute


public class EntityAttribute
extends java.lang.Object

A Entity Attribute represents an additional hand coded piece of information about the entity.

  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    EntityAttribute​(java.lang.String sAttributeName, java.lang.String sAttributeValue)
    Creates a new EntityAttribute.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    java.lang.String getAttributeName()
    The entity attribute label
    java.lang.String getAttributeValue()
    The entity attribute value

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  • Constructor Details

    • EntityAttribute

      public EntityAttribute​(java.lang.String sAttributeName, java.lang.String sAttributeValue)
      Creates a new EntityAttribute. This is not intended for client use.
      sAttributeName - The attribute name.
      sValue - The attribute value.
  • Method Details

    • getAttributeName

      public java.lang.String getAttributeName()
      The entity attribute label
      A String object with the entity attribute label.
    • getAttributeValue

      public java.lang.String getAttributeValue()
      The entity attribute value
      A String ojbect with the entity attribute value.