Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-Lingual support is a subset of our data directory technology, which includes optimizations for sentiment analysis and named entity recognition and extraction to analyze social media, such as Twitter sentiment. Each language pack listed below is a Native Language Pack for our text analytics software. Native Language Packs offer more accurate sentiment, and catch many nuances that are usually lost in translation.

British Flag

USA FlagThe basic software license includes support for both British and American English sentiment analysis and text analytics. 


Canadian Flag

French FlagIn November 2010, we launched our first non-English language pack: French. It works for both Canada and France. We shipped V2 of French in November 2011. So, if you want to do French sentiment, you'll need this language pack.


Mexican FlagSpanish FlagIn October 2011, we shipped our Spanish language pack; initially tuned for European Spanish, it can be customized for Mexican Spanish colloquialisms as necessary. For Spanish sentiment analysis, you'll need this language pack.


Portugueuse Flag Brazilian FlagWe launched our Portuguese language pack (includes Portuguese sentiment analysis and text analytics) in January 2012. It will work well in both Portugal and Brazil.


  German Flag  German sentiment analysis and text analytics shipped in May 2012.

We have more text analytics languages on our roadmap, but aren't prepared to announce them publicly. (If you'd like to know you can always contact us!)




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