Lexalytics Professional Services for Text Analytics


Time and money are your two most valuable resources. So don’t waste a moment or a penny, and let Lexalytics help set up your text analytics system. In just a short time, you’ll be reaping more and better results than you have ever seen before.


Why Choose Lexalytics Professional Services?

The Lexalytics professional services team has more than 10 years of experience with our Salience text analytics engine and over 4 years experience with our SaaS version, Semantria. Let our team of trained experts help you extract the most value possible from your text analytics implementation.

Custom Fit

Lexalytics professional services work is all custom. There's no cookie cutter recipe here — we recognize that each use case is different, and requires a different set of parameters. We're like the Italian tailors of sentiment analysis: customized to fit like a glove.

Our experts will discover the value of your content with one goal in mind: the results have to match your output specifications.

Every member of the Lexalytics professional services team is an expert in sentiment analysis and text analytics. We have years of experience with Salience and Semantria, and can make them do just about anything. Let us do the work for you.

How it Works

We’ll look at your current text mining implementation, or discuss an entirely new system — whatever you prefer. We start with understanding the questions you want to answer, such as “How do my customers feel about X product?” or “What are my consumers’ biggest concern?” or more generally, “What are consumers saying about my services?” We’ll also discuss your accuracy requirements, types of content you want to analyze, and time and budget requirements.

Our recommendations include software, system training and configuration, and hardware architecture needs. At the end, you’ll have a solid implementation plan for an analysis system that meets your needs.

On-Premise vs. In The Cloud

If you are starting out fresh with a Lexalytics text analytics solution, the first choice you’ll make is between an on-premise solution (Salience Engine) or an in-the-cloud SaaS option (Semantria API or Semantria Excel). Both Salience and Semantria offer industry-leading sentiment analysis, and both work well right out of the box. Semantria is simpler to integrate and get up and running, while Salience offers unprecedented customization and total control over your analysis. Furthermore, Salience keeps your data behind your firewall — data sent through Semantria is heavily encrypted and deleted within 24 hours, but we understand that some information can’t leave your servers. We’ll walk you through the selection process, carefully weighing your specific requirements and constraints to choose the option that’s right for you.

What We Do: Accuracy Evaluations

If you already have a text analytics system in place, we can give you best practices for evaluating precision and recall across a broad range of text analytics functions, such as named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, classification, and more. We can also procure datasets for testing, to score and evaluate your system based on your criteria.

What We Do: Tuning and Configuration

Once you have a system in place and an idea of its accuracy, you may wish to fine tune it to perform even better. Here are just a handful of the things we will help you do:

  • Develop entity lists for named entity recognition (like lists of competitors or important people)
  • Tune sentiment analysis for your specific business and verticals
  • Train classifiers for different situations
  • Set up profanity detection
  • Deal with multi-tenancy (configuring one text mining system to serve many clients with different needs)

In short, we will mold your text analytics implementation to your unique needs.

What We Do: Integration Services

From implementing a new sentiment analysis tool to building a completely new system, we will help you make things work. We’ll help with database integration, adding text analytics facets to a search system, designing dashboards, user experience testing, acceptance criteria, and more.

And if you already have Lexalytics Salience Engine on-premise, let us come in and help you bring more of Salience’s multitude of API features online — so you can get even more value out of the software and system you’re already running.

If you’ve decided on an in-the-cloud service as your analytics solution, we’ll walk you through Semantria’s two branches: Excel and API. Our Microsoft Excel plugin will get you up and processing in minutes (literally), analyzing any text you input; if you require a system to integrate into your own analytics offering, Semantria API is powerful, easy to integrate, and fully customizable for your solution. Whether you decide on Semantria Excel or Semantria API, we’ll help with the setup process — not that you’ll need help, of course.