Lexalytics Professional Services for Text Analytics


The Lexalytics professional services team has more than 10 years of experience with our Salience text analytics engine and 4 years with it's SaaS version, Semantria. Our people have been involved in Text Analytics work for even longer than that.  We can help you extract the most value possible from your text analytics implementation.

Organizations like ProQuest ("key to serious research"), Merck (pharmaceutical research and development), US Joint Special Operations Command ("plan and develop joint special operations tactics"), and Booz Allen Hamilton ("strategy and technology consulting") rely on us to help them


Open Source or Salience™ Transitions

We’ll look at your current text analytics implementation, or discuss a completely new system. Starting with understanding the questions you want to be able to answer (that you can’t answer now), we’ll also discuss your accuracy requirements, types of content you want to analyze, time, and budget requirements.  For example, classifying patents is a different problem than building a reputation management system. Do you have real-time requirements? Recommendations include software as well as system training/configuration and hardware architecture needs. At the end you’ll have a solid implementation plan for a system that meets your needs with efficient use of budget and time.  

Accuracy Evaluations

We can give you best practices for evaluating precision and recall across a broad range of text analytics functions like named entity recognition, sentiment, classifiers, etc. We can also procure datasets for testing, score and evaluate your system based on your criteria.

Tuning and Configuration

Once you know how well your system is performing, you might want to tune it to do even better.  Entity lists for named entity recognition (e.g. Companies – like a list of competitors, or people), tuning sentiment for your specific business and vertical, training classifiers for different situations, setting up profanity detection, dealing with “multi-tenancy” (how do you get one text analytics sytem to serve many clients with different needs).  We will mold your text analytics implementation to your unique needs. 

Integration Services

From implementing a new feature to building a completely new system, we can help you make it work. We’ll help with database integration, adding text analytics facets to a search system, designing dashboards, user experience testing and acceptance criteria. If you already have Lexalytics Salience Engine, let us come in and help you bring more of the API features online – so you can get more value out of the software and system you’re already running.