There's a lot of ways of saying the same thing: how do I sort content into different buckets.

For example, if I see the following text: I wonder who will win in the California mid-term congressional elections? Chances are, you're going to want to classify or associate it with a topic called "Politics".

Categorizing or “bucketing” content is super-common, as it’s a feature of most of the popular and highly trafficked websites. Sites like Google News, The Wall Street Journal and TripAdvisor all use various categorization techniques on their content to segment their sites. 

Lexalytics feels you. We feel you enough that our opinion mining and text analytics software has three ways that you can accomplish this. There are two ways that we expose to general use, and one that you will have to contact us and work something out with us in order to use. We'll discuss each of them in order.


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