My assignment was simple. Pick a city, run a Twitter search for #cityname, and see what Salience comes up with on the tweets I extract.
I live in the lovely city of Montreal, so I collected 10,000 tweets containing #Montreal, to see what's going on around my city.

You know what I found?

Rob Ford, Twitter, and Lexalytics' Web Demo

Whenever I want news about something, rather than run a google search, I run a Twitter search. Maybe it's because I like mixing in random blog posts and opinion pieces with my news, or maybe I really enjoy the large amounts of profanity on Twitter (#urmothersanastronaut).

Whatever the reason may be, Twitter is a great source of news and entertainment for me.

What Twitter Had to Say About DOMA and Prop 8

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States handed down two rulings about marriage equality, U.S. v. Windsor, or the DOMA case, and Hollingsworth v. Perry, or Prop 8. Following the rulings, people flocked to Twitter and other social media sites in droves to voice their opinions. 

Happy New Year - Some stats from Twitter + New Years Eve

Hello all and Happy New Year!

I snagged 412,700 tweets from Twitter from about 16 hours that went from 2300 UTC December 31 to 1500 UTC Jan 1.   This was 5% of the total tweets that went out with the phrase "new year".

Without further ado... The top 50 hashtags were as follows:

US Elections Realtime Twitter Sentiment Analysis

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming US elections, we've released a special political demo for you guys to play with.