Salience Engine™

Salience Engine™ is a multi-lingual text analysis engine that is currently integrated into systems for business intelligence, (social) media monitoring, reputation management, survey analysis, customer satisfaction, and more. 

Salience™ is built for easy integration into your system - written in C/C++ for performance, we have API wrappers for Java, PHP, .NET/C#, and Python. Full API documentation is available here.

Salience supports a number of text processing, natural language processing, and text analytics technologies... These include:

What languages are supported? English (both British and American) is included with the basic text analysis software license. Non-English support is discussed here.  In summary, we have German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, and Italian. Japanese text analysis and sentiment analysis will be available in late summer 2014.

Salience configuration is extremely sophisticated, allowing for tuning at arbitrarily fine levels.  We have provided a number of different pre-configured data directories for your processing pleasure.  We have one that's optimized for short content like Twitter, and one for longer-form content.   Languages are also treated simply as data directories, integrating very cleanly with the rest of your installation.  We also have a number of lists of famous people, companies, sports figures, etc. already in place. You have complete flexibility to do multiple lists and taxonomies of your own, but it's really important to understand that you don't need to. We've got great statistical models in place for named entity recognition. Why don't you wander over here and read more about it?

Sentiment analysis is, of course, equally tunable. You could have a thousand different configurations for tuned sentiment analysis covering lots of different verticals and customers. That's fine. Or you can just let it run without any tuning - many of our customers do just that.

Salience is fast, with performance scaling linearly across a multi-core system.  Typical performance with all operations enabled (processing each document for all of that stuff in the above bullet list.)

  • Tweets: 200/core-second (so, if you have 2 cores, you'll get 400 processed per second)
  • Blog/News Articles: 3-5/core-second
  • Large Secondary Research Reports (100-200 pages): 3-5 core-minutes/document (yes, we have several companies processing this sort of content)

To put those performance numbers into context, we're processing the entire Twitter firehose with 16 cores.

Summing up:  Salience Engine is a text analysis engine that you integrate into your own application (or we can build one for you) to handle text analysis and opinion mining in deep, fundamentally meaningful ways.