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May 13, 2014
Seth Redmore is VP of Product Management and Marketing at Lexalytics, Inc. Seth has over 15 years of experience in product management and 10 years of experience in text analytics – from the perspective of a user as well as a vendor. Seth has worked... Read more
May 12, 2014
Choosing the right keywords for search is the most important component of getting the results you're looking for. Everyone knows this, but it's easier said than done. Even with the most well thought out keywords, search results don't always deliver... Read more
Apr 24, 2014
When you read the title of this article, you must wonder what I'm talking about when I say, "That's sick!" It makes sense if I just witnessed a car accident so heinous that it made me feel sick to my stomach. However, it also makes sense if I just... Read more
Mar 17, 2014
Your customers want to communicate with you. Your partners, employees, potential clients, competitors, press and social media influencers want to communicate with you too. Humans communicate in a wide variety of ways – body language, eye movement,... Read more
Mar 11, 2014
If there’s one piece of advice I can offer you, both for better text mining and better writing, it is this: please, please, please with a cherry on top, be clear with your pronouns. There’s nothing that makes me more sad than a lost, lonely pronoun... Read more
Feb 19, 2014
Organizers of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium scheduled March 5-6 in New York at the New York Academy of Sciences announced today that technology leaders IBM, Dell, Lexalytics, and Gnip, and best-in-class solution providers Textalytics, SentiMetrix... Read more
Feb 13, 2014
Text and Sentiment Analysis in the Clouds
Oleg Rogynskyy is the CEO and founder of Semantia, a technology that applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, Facebook posts, surveys, reviews and enterprise content. Today, Oleg discusses how he used his work experience to launch his company... Read more
Feb 10, 2014
Interest in text analytics is growing as companies begin to understand its value in providing insights into unstructured text. With maturing of the technology, it’s now possible to analyze very large amounts of data. In this interview, Seth Redmore... Read more
Jan 30, 2014
I recently had the opportunity to speak at length with Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and Founder of Semantria, one of the leading text analytics firm. At its core, text analytics refers to deriving high quality information from text. This has become... Read more
Jan 09, 2014
In his 1997 management classic The Innovator’s Dilemma, Harvard professor Clayton Christensen coined the term disruptive innovation. The central premise was that a change in technology can completely transform the basic economics of an business.... Read more


Dec 11, 2013
This is the third in a series of columns assessing the readiness of text and social analytics to play a productive role in enterprise solutions. In this column, I assess approaches to acquire analytics applications when dealing with a common... Read more
Dec 05, 2013
Are you looking for the most efficient and effective Top 30 software for Text Analysis, Text Mining, Text Analytics ? Text Analytics uses statistical pattern learning to find patterns and trends from text data. SAS Text Analytics, Smartlogic, Angoss... Read more
Nov 12, 2013
The future. The year 1997, or 2003, or 2011. Judgment Day. When Skynet wreaks havoc on the world, the machines rise up, and take us all out.Or at least, that's how it happened in the Terminator movies and TV series.As we know, it didn't quite work... Read more
Nov 01, 2013
The field of deep learning is picking up steam to the point that it’s now inspiring a growing list of startups in areas such as natural language processing and image recognition. It’s also commanding... Read more
Oct 30, 2013
Oleg Rogynskyy's goal is to democratize text analytics, and turn it into the coolest thing on the block. He is the founder and CEO of Semantria, a text and sentiment analysis startup that's disrupting the market. The company's goal is to provide... Read more
Oct 19, 2013
We were trying to bring as much information as we could from our backend into Eloqua, in order to better understand our users, their current and future needs, as well as their problems. Without this automated process, we would have to resort to... Read more
Oct 09, 2013
The Center for Data Innovation spoke with Oleg Rogynskyy, the founder and CEO and founder ofSemantria, a sentiment and text analytics startup based out of Montreal. Sentiment analysis, which applies machine... Read more
Oct 07, 2013
One of the data visualisations that you can use with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is the “tag cloud”. You’ve probably seen tag clouds used in newspaper articles and other publications to show the most commonly found words or phrases in a... Read more
Sep 28, 2013
This is part of a series of posts to share with readers a useful collection of some of the most important, effective and practical data visualisation-related... Read more
Sep 25, 2013
I would disagree with the notion that there is no magic bullet for sentiment analysis.Lexalytics Salience Engine gives 65-70% prevision out of the box which has been proven by majority of our customers.With moderate effort (1-2 linguists refining... Read more