Lexalytics Partners With FutureEverything to Catch Overall Mood About London 2012

Lexalytics, a leading provider of text and sentiment analysis solution, released its partnership with FutureEverything’s Emoto, a innovative Cultural Olympiad art project for the 2012 Olympic Games. This project has been created to catch the worldwide online audience sentiment about the nations, teams and individuals competing in the Games.

‘Emoto’ launched this week, in the wake of the London 2012 opening ceremony supplies a single real-time view of the average mood in response to the events happening in the UK. It analyzes Tweets for subjects related to the Olympics, and gives a summary of the messages for content and tone.

The information is reachable for the public to view interactive digital displays, including; the emoto website and the ‘emoto in London’ app. The data will also be available through a sensory data installation and data sculpture in Trafalgar Square as part of the WE PLAY Expo.