Management Team

Jeff Catlin, CEO

Jeff Catlin has over 20 years of experience in the fields of search, classification and text analytics products and services. He has held technical, managerial and senior management positions within a variety of companies including Thomson Financial and Sovereign Hill Software. Prior to the formation of Lexalytics, Jeff acted as the General Manager for the unstructured data group of LightSpeed Software where he was responsible for sales, marketing and development efforts for the Knowledge Appliance and iFocus products. Prior to joining LightSpeed, he was co-owner of PleasantStreet Technologies which produced a news-filtering product. Jeff graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987.

Mike Marshall, CTO

Mike Marshall has been working in the unstructured information field for the past 17 years and is a co-founder of Lexalytics. He has been involved in all aspects of Engineering within the company and architected and coded both the Acquisition and Salience Engines. He has also been heavily involved in customer driven solutions, delivering custom applications to a diverse set of clients. Prior to Lexalytics, Mike worked with Jeff Catlin at LightSpeed Software as Principal Engineer and before that he was the Technical Director at Dataware / Leadingside. Mike has a degree in Computing and Micro Electronics from Oxford Brookes University.

Carl Lambrecht, VP Engineering

Carl Lambrecht has over 20 years of experience in client-server software development, professional services, and project management. He most recently held a position at CRA International, Inc. where he served as the Associate Director of Application Development. He was responsible for the design, development, and support of multi-tiered web applications for internal and external projects with major clients worldwide. Prior to CRA he was an independent consultant and previously worked at Kinesis/Global Recall where he developed and maintained components of document management and knowledge management product suites. In addition, he worked at Sagemaker and LightSpeed Software. Carl holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University and a Master's in Computer Science from Boston University.

Tim Mohler, VP Professional Services

Tim Mohler has over 12 years of experience in the fields of text analytics and reputation management and is focused on helping companies get better information for better decisions. He spent 5 years as the Principal for Mohlenaar Consulting where he worked with Fortune 1000 companies implementing text analytics solutions. Prior to Mohlenaar Consulting, he was focused on tying network management information to business goals for financial services firms. He was instrumental in implementing a business services view of the primary market making operations of one of the world’s largest hedge funds. Tim has a degree in Math from Carnegie Mellon University.

Seth Redmore, VP Marketing

Seth Redmore has over 15 years of experience in product marketing and 10 years of experience in text analytics - from the perspective of a user as well as a vendor. Seth has worked in a number of executive roles at both hardware and software companies, including co-founding Netiverse (who built a high-speed server load balancing system) which was bought by Cisco Systems in 2000. While at Cisco, he worked in a variety of product management and product marketing roles, culminating in building Cisco's internal text analytics solution for reputation management (using Lexalytics' software engine at its core). Seth has a degree in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University.

Eric Williams, VP Product Development

Eric Williams has over 18 years of experience in designing cross-platform, enterprise, and consumer software. His specialty is turning complex software into easy-to-use products. Eric’s work has been at the forefront of content management technologies ever since the mid 2000’s, and he’s helped numerous large new media organizations make the most of NLP. Eric worked with many organizations such as Bell, Desjardins, TC Transcontinental, Nstein, and Semantria.