Happy New Year - Some stats from Twitter + New Years Eve

Hello all and Happy New Year!

I snagged 412,700 tweets from Twitter from about 16 hours that went from 2300 UTC December 31 to 1500 UTC Jan 1.   This was 5% of the total tweets that went out with the phrase "new year".

Without further ado... The top 50 hashtags were as follows:

Dialect differences with Text Analytics Native Language Packs

Carl Lambrecht, one of our many language geniuses, wrote up a post on the Lexalytics Dev blog about how dialect differences affect text analytics, especially when taking into consideration the fact that Lexalytics only uses Native Language Packs.

All Hail Datasift!

Takers of the 3rd round of funding!  Or 2nd, or fifth, but I'm guessing it's third.   Whatever round it is, congrats to Datasift for building a really great service.

The Evolution of Multi-Lingual Support at Lexalytics

At Lexalytics, we know it’s not only a global marketplace, but a multi-lingual global marketplace. It’s this understanding which has driven us to extend the capabilities of Salience beyond analysis of English.

Lexalytics Is Working On A Native Chinese Language Pack

Multi-lingual support for text analytics was a hot topic two weeks ago at the Text Analytics World conference in Boston. It seems like everyone mentioned it at one point or another, and with good reason: not many companies have strong natural language processing software.

Impressions From Text Analytics World Boston

I recently attended Text Analytics World, an annual text analytics conference that took place in Boston two weeks ago.

Lexalytics Will Be Attending the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in San Francisco

The annual Sentiment Analysis Symposium is coming up on October 30th, 2012 in San Francisco. Seth Grimes, the organizer, is a pioneer in the field of sentiment analysis, and an all-around stellar guy.

US Elections Realtime Twitter Sentiment Analysis

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming US elections, we've released a special political demo for you guys to play with.

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