text analysis and text mining software for business intelligence
Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Business Intelligence

Lexalytics is currently partners with 3 Business Intelligence companies: Microstrategy, Oracle/Endeca, and Angoss.

Text analytics will help your Enterprise turn unstructured text into structured data that can be used with the rest of your structured information.

Discover named entities (the "who"), themes (the "what"), sentiment (the "how" - positive/neutral/negative) that are being discussed in your content, along with summaries, classification/tags, and facets (a bird's eye view of your content). 

Try a demo, watch the Angoss/Cisco/Oracle videos, download a whitepaper.


Adding text analytics to your BI system lets you:

  • Predict buying intent so that you can more effectively allocate marketing and sales resources 
  • Perform rapid root-cause analysis of problems 
  • Monitor internal and external communications to find and manage hotspots quickly and effectively

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