text mining analytics software
Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for eDiscovery

Search algorithms, text analytics, opinion mining, natural language processing – they only work (now) to help us not-very-good-at-math humans find the patterns. Then we have to interpret them.

Whether in Early Case Assessment, or during a defensible review process, computers can help your analysts work faster with text analysis software.

Lexalytics text analytics and sentiment analysis software integrates cleanly with your search, reporting or intelligence environment. Our text analytics and opinion mining software has no black boxes. Lexalytics text analytics software will tell you who and what.  With sentiment analysis, it will also tell you how they were feeling about it.  And our text analysis software will do so across millions of documents, a hundred thousand concept topics, and thousands of individuals, in such a way that you can explain it confidently.

Lexalytics text analytics and sentiment analysis software provides a completely transparent condensate of the content in question. We leave the interpretation up to the analyst: we hint, provide clues, emphasize the important and reduce the minimal. But we can’t tell you why those patterns are there. 

That’s up to you.


    • Understand who is talking
    • Rapidly detect anomalous communications
    • Enhance reviewer productivity

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"It took 2 engineers only 4 days to integrate Lexalytics' Salience Engine into our content processing pipeline."

Nick Halstead CEO & Founder, Datasift

"Lexalytics Salience Engine scales to handle our trillions of entity/concept relationships.

Yes, that's trillions with a 'T'."

David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light Inc.

"We conducted several tests on our data and found Lexalytics to be at the top of the list when it came to results and affordability. Lexalytics was able to provide a solution that exceeded our expectations in ease-of-integration."

Chris McNeilly, VP of Software