No matter your business needs, Lexalytics has a text analysis solution for you!

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Salience fixes the issues posed by synonyms, metaphors, emoticons and other features of the content we interact with every day.
Lexalytics provides the most popular engine for Social Media Monitoring companies.
Text analytics and opinion mining software provide huge value in being able to reduce the amount of grunt work so analysts can analyze - not deal with - qualitative coding work.
Lexalytics text analytics and text mining software helps your content work even harder so that you can spend time creating it and not curating it. Automatic tagging and categorization leads to better search engine optimization with less time spent. Frictionless tagging also leads to better content syndication possibilities.
Hospitality providers are some of the most seasoned online business users: they’ve been collecting and reading online reviews way before social customer experience management (CEM) became the hot thing to do. The real change this industry has seen in recent years is the massively increased volume of information that is now being published on sites like TripAdvisor.
Closed-ended survey questions are easy, but don't allow for any answers that you aren't already expecting.
The use of data mining and predictive analytics continues to grow as organizations look to invest in analytical technologies that accelerate decision making and identify opportunities they can act on.
Lexalytics is currently partners with 3 Business Intelligence companies: Microstrategy, Oracle/Endeca, and Angoss. Text analytics will help your Enterprise turn unstructured text into structured data that can be used with the rest of your structured information.
Whether logging calls or tracking emails, analyzing support burden or trying to decide on the features that should make it into your next product revision, CRM systems have enormous potential locked up in the resident free text. Unlock it with text analytics and sentiment analysis software from Lexalytics.