Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Social Media Monitoring

Lexalytics provides the most popular engine for Social Media Monitoring companies.  Powerful text analytics and sentiment analysis software powers leading social media monitoring brands such as Radian6.

We can help your company provide Twitter analysis (and Facebook analysis, blog analysis, message board analysis) for:

Consumer Trending
Automatically extract companies and brands and understand the sentiment (tone) being directed towards each.

Messaging/Positioning/Market Segmentation 
Use thematic analysis to analyze the concepts present in conversations. Use these themes to show the words that people are naturally using to convey their view of the market.

Emotional Connections/Biases
Mechanically processing sentiment across thousands of concepts and entities leads to a much greater understanding of the semantic map of potential bias/connections in a space.

View a full list of brands leveraging our text analytics and sentiment analysis software for social media monitoring applications.


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