Text analysis & opinion mining software
Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Media

Lexalytics text analytics and text mining software helps your content work even harder so that you can spend time creating it and not curating it.

Automatic tagging and categorization leads to better search engine optimization with less time spent.

Frictionless tagging also leads to better content syndication possibilities.

Improve your ad targeting through improved user profiles and a deeper understanding of what's actually being said on the current page.

Easily understand which user-generated content is relevant, and then import it and monetize it.

Multiply pageviews with automatic "related content" links.

Cross-reference content based on named entities (people, places, companies, etc), sentiment/tonality, geographic locations, and semantic concept topics.

Quickly Add

  • Automatic tagging and categorization of content for better re-use and SEO
  • Dynamic ad targeting through rich user profiles and deep semantic knowledge of your content
  • Related content links based on many different aspects of the content

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"It took 2 engineers only 4 days to integrate Lexalytics' Salience Engine into our content processing pipeline."

Nick Halstead CEO & Founder, Datasift

"Lexalytics Salience Engine scales to handle our trillions of entity/concept relationships.

Yes, that's trillions with a 'T'."

David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light Inc.

"We conducted several tests on our data and found Lexalytics to be at the top of the list when it came to results and affordability. Lexalytics was able to provide a solution that exceeded our expectations in ease-of-integration."

Chris McNeilly, VP of Software