Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Market Intelligence

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Text analytics and opinion mining software provide huge value in being able to reduce the amount of grunt work so analysts can analyze - not deal with - qualitative coding work.

From consumer packaged goods to healthcare policy, from website analysis to customer satisfaction, from politics to media; research in every area is more efficient and more repeatable with algorithmic text analytics and text mining.

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  • Chew millions of open-ended responses or phone-book sized research reports
  • Discover what's in those responses without configuring a thing
  • Tune and zero in on the precise analysis that's right for your business
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    "It took 2 engineers only 4 days to integrate Lexalytics' Salience Engine into our content processing pipeline."--Nick Halstead CEO & Founder, Datasift
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    "We conducted several tests on our data and found Lexalytics to be at the top of the list when it came to results and affordability. Lexalytics was able to provide a solution that exceeded our expectations in ease-of-integration." --Chris McNeilly, VP of Software
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    At Bottlenose we combine big data with the latest web technologies out there. We’re big fans of Node.js, Elasticsearch and HTML5. Integrating Lexalytics into our Node.js-centric stack was easy, the Salience Python modules allowed us to create high performance HTTP APIs which we could then scale up into our pipeline to get the desired >1000 msg/s throughput we needed. --Dominiek ter Heide, CTO
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    Lexalytics' enterprise class text mining, coupled with Coveo’s Search & Relevance technology helps take Knowledge Management programs to a broader and deeper level of employee and customer engagement. The ability to auto-generate taxonomies, enrich content with metadata, understand relationships among information in vastly different systems and bring only relevant information and experts into the flow of work are all next-generation capabilities that KM practitioners need to leverage. --Diane Berry, Chief Knowledge Evangelist