Hospitality providers are some of the most seasoned online business users. They’ve been collecting and reading online reviews way before social CRM became the hot thing to do. The real change in this industry is the volume of information that’s now being published on sites like TripAdvisor. Whatever your end of the hospitality industry it’s likely that somebody is writing about their likes and dislikes. It’s this dramatic increase in volume of opinions that necessitates the use of text analytics and opinion mining software to understand who’s talking and, more importantly, what they’re thinking.

Lexalytics Salience Engine text mining software mines hospitality feedback to understand what features or items are being discussed (concept extraction), who’s doing the talking (named entity recognition and extraction) and, most importantly, people’s opinions about specific features or items (sentiment analysis and measurement).

By opinion mining this information, companies serving hospitality providers can sift through the enormous volume of feedback and understand what elements of their services are working and which bits should be improved.


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