Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Enterprise Search

Search is the grandfather of unstructured content technologies, but as a grandfather it shows its age when trying to deal with today’s huge volumes of content.  Synonyms, metaphors, emoticons and other features of the content we interact with every day all conspire to make finding information with search tougher. Text analytics and opinion mining provides one of the key tools in addressing these problems. By text mining the content sources before they're indexed, you feed your search engine with key items like who’s talking, what they're talking about and how they're feeling.

Text analytics is typically integrated into the content acquisition and indexing component of a search engine to mine out metadata and improve the quality and consistency of content before it’s indexed so that you can browse your content rather than just search it. With a text analytics and opinion mining solution integrated into search, you can ask more general questions like:

  • Who's hot and who's not?
  • Is there any breaking news I need to know about?



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