Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Business Intelligence

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Text Analytics will help your enterprise turn unstructured text into structured data that can be used with the rest of your structured information.

Running a successful business just isn't possible when your information is bad. In a world of globalization and interconnectivity, an awareness of market trends is a vital component to making the right choices. With the text analytics capabilities of Lexalytics' Salience Engine, you can turn raw textual data into competitive market opportunities and advantages.

Our Salience Engine conducts text mining and text analysis operations, working with your guidelines to discover the named entities (the "who"), themes (the "what"), and sentiment (the "how" - positive/neutral/negative) that are being discussed in your content. Furthermore, Salience can provide you with summaries, classification/tagsfacets (a bird's eye view of your content), and much, much more. Together these processes help predict market behavior, filter customer feedback into meaningful trends, and provide useful metadata that is relevant to your customized needs.

For more information on Salience Engine, click here -- alternatively, a web-demo is available here, and feel free to contact us with any and all questions!

Sail the turbulent waters of modern business with Salience.

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Adding text analytics to your BI system lets you:

  • Predict buying intent so that you can more effectively allocate marketing and sales resources 
  • Perform rapid root-cause analysis of problems 
  • Monitor internal and external communications to find and manage hotspots quickly and effectively
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    At Bottlenose we combine big data with the latest web technologies out there. We’re big fans of Node.js, Elasticsearch and HTML5. Integrating Lexalytics into our Node.js-centric stack was easy, the Salience Python modules allowed us to create high performance HTTP APIs which we could then scale up into our pipeline to get the desired >1000 msg/s throughput we needed. --Dominiek ter Heide, CTO
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    Lexalytics' enterprise class text mining, coupled with Coveo’s Search & Relevance technology helps take Knowledge Management programs to a broader and deeper level of employee and customer engagement. The ability to auto-generate taxonomies, enrich content with metadata, understand relationships among information in vastly different systems and bring only relevant information and experts into the flow of work are all next-generation capabilities that KM practitioners need to leverage. --Diane Berry, Chief Knowledge Evangelist