Text Analytics Software

Lexalytics builds a text analysis engine that’s entirely purposed for OEM integration into your application or service.  For 9 years, we’ve been refining and improving our engine: “Salience”.

Salience is a multi-lingual text analysis engine that is currently integrated into systems for business intelligence, (social) media monitoring, reputation management, automated trading, survey analysis, customer satisfaction, and more.

Salience integrates painlessly with your BI/dashboard/ analytics or data warehouse system, and works “right out of the box”, quickly adding value to your business – letting you focus on building your service and not on the technical details of text analytics.

We don’t believe in black boxes, so every parameter is available for you to tune and optimize. Put simply, Salience has the strength to analyze the entire blogosphere, the subtlety to look for slight trends in confidential records, and the flexibility for completely novel problems. Unlike other text analytics companies –  Lexalytics focuses on your application, not ours.


  • Engine comes pre-tuned for rapid results
  • Built to solve novel problems
  • Integrates rapidly and easily

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"It took 2 engineers only 4 days to integrate Lexalytics' Salience Engine into our content processing pipeline."

Nick Halstead CEO & Founder, Datasift

"Lexalytics Salience Engine scales to handle our trillions of entity/concept relationships.

Yes, that's trillions with a 'T'."

David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light Inc.

"We conducted several tests on our data and found Lexalytics to be at the top of the list when it came to results and affordability. Lexalytics was able to provide a solution that exceeded our expectations in ease-of-integration."

Chris McNeilly, VP of Software