Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Public Policy

Lexalytics text analytics and sentiment analysis software is being used in horizon scanning and risk management applications (as well as in the more traditional areas of reputation management, but at governmental scale). 

Aggregating current opinion can be an arduous process, but this process can be radically shortened with the use of Lexalytics Salience Engine opinion mining sentiment analysis engine. Take all of the written opinion by your chosen set of experts and simply extract sentiment, themes, and named entities. One can even trend by seeing how those opinions have changed over time. Lexalytics sentiment analysis software even has the ability to mine directly and indirectly quoted opinion, so you can see who is most heavily influencing the conversation, and what their opinion happens to be.

The sentiment analysis process works extremely quickly and thus can be scaled not just to include acknowledged experts but the general public as well, through monitoring and analyzing social media and traditional news sources.



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