Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Voice of Customer

Closed-ended survey questions are easy, but don't allow for any answers that you aren't already expecting.

True discovery can come in the free-text sections that are such a pain to deal with. Lexalytics text analytics and opinion mining software can extract the predominant themes (context) of the free-text sections.

These themes are completely dynamic, based on what is actually said. No need to make up huge lists of things to look for!

Lexalytics sentiment analysis software can also pick up any people, companies, products, or places that are mentioned in the free-text responses that aren't caught by the multiple-choice questions in the survey.

Most importantly, Lexalytics opinion mining software is fast, cost-effective, and consistent in how it analyzes these free-text responses - so that you can be sure of getting rapid, useful information.


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