Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Whether logging calls or tracking emails, analyzing support burden or trying to decide on the features that should make it into your next product revision, CRM systems have enormous potential locked up in the resident free text. Unlock it with text analytics and sentiment analysis software from Lexalytics.

Lexalytics Salience Engine opinion mining sentiment engine can measure the tonality of the discussions - to show if there is a hot issue that needs to be managed, or to automatically route irate, important customers to a higher-level support representative.

Salience Engine's sentiment analysis software can extract the thematic content of the discussions, to show the context in which the customer was upset, or to give a hint as to which direction development efforts should be nudged.

Salience also extracts the named entities resident in the content, so if one product is showing up more often than another, or there is a competitor that keeps coming up, it's easy to bubble that up to the top.


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