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DataSift is the real time social media filtering engine from MediaSift Ltd, which builds upon the success of TweetMeme, the consumer facing brand of MediaSift Ltd.

DataSift provides very granular and modular ‘sifting’ functions from across a wide range of social and web input feeds, augmenting them with sentiment analysis, storage and analytics to offer an unrivalled service platform, which leverages the cloud and scales infinitely.

The world is moving to streams, and consumers will consume and curate their own news. DataSift follows this paradigm shift and seeks to become the platform of choice for stream curation, consumption, and, ultimately, monetization. 

The end visualizations are unlimited and bounded only by your imagination.

DataSift uses Salience Engine sentiment analysis engine to help their clients manage their brand, by monitoring what people are saying about them across the Internet. Twitter sentiment analytics, blog and news monitoring, and named entity recognition come included with their services package.